What is electronic waste?

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is anything electronic that you’d like to get rid of. I’ll pick it up for free, whether it’s working or not (you must have at least 12 items to qualify for a free pick-up), and I will only pick-up in Wilson County, TN.

Here is a partial list of what I will pick-up:

-any type of computers. mice, keyboard, wires or cables, power supply’s (ups), batteries
-fax machines
-desktop copiers
-all in one devices
-cell phones
-household phones and office phones
-networking equipment like routers and modems
-dvd players
-stereo equipment, including amplifiers and speakers
-I even pickup power tools (working or not)
-when it comes to the kitchen we can pickup small kitchen appliances like blenders, toasters and microwaves

-I will not pick-up old TV’s or Monitors that have a CRT Display.

-You must have at least 12 items to get a free pick-up, at your home or business.

-I do not pick up large appliances, such as stoves, washers and dryers, etc., since I only have a small pick-up truck.

If you’re unsure about whether or not I can pick up your old electronic items that aren’t listed, chances are that I can, but just contact me to make sure.

Just contact me to schedule a pickup date. Then, when your pickup date arrives, you simply leave your e-waste outside, ideally just on the other side of your garage door or in your driveway visible from the street. I will drop by and pick it up, and you do not have to be home.

Just visit my Contact Page and arrange for a pick-up today!